Modern Warfare 3 'Hardened Edition' unboxing

It's a safe bet that the most hardcore fans of Call of Duty are waiting in line for tomorrow's launch of Modern Warfare 3. While our sleeping bags were just about to be pulled from our dusty attics, Activision dropped the 'Hardened Edition' of the game off at our Los Angeles office. At $99--and very "limited" availability--the 'Hardened Edition' is the only special version of the upcoming title (previous games also received a $150 'Elite' version). Is it worth the price of admission? The over-sized Xbox 360 version of the Modern Warfare 3 'Hardened Edition' includes a steelbook case, featuring the game; a metal 'Call of Duty Elite' founder membership card, giving players access to 'Founder bonuses'; a code to one year of 'Elite' service, including access to future DLC; Xbox Live Avatar gear; and a snazzy 'Field Journal,' featuring over 100 pages of content. All 'Hardened' edition owners gain 'Founder' status, which includes a unique weapon camo, exclusive in-game status, clan XP boost, and more. It really is an edition built for the "hardcore" and not just anyone looking to play the game online.

Each element of the 'Hardened Edition' is tightly packed in an over-sized box.

The 'Field Journal' includes photos, newspaper clippings, and more telling the story from the perspective of a 22nd SAS Regiment solider.

The back of the 'Founder' card and pamphelet features a number of one-use codes for bonus items and one year of 'Elite' service.

It's a solid package for fans looking to purchase it in stores tomorrow as well as those that were in attendance at Call of Duty XP, which will receive the version for free (if they remembered to register the code provided at the event).