Weekend Confirmed 85 - Ratchet & Clank: All for One, Uncharted 3, GTA5

By Xav de Matos, Nov 04, 2011 11:00am PDT

Only a few blocks off the beach that inspired the virtual clone in seen in its opening, the Grand Theft Auto V trailer sparked the imagination when the Weekend Confirmed crew sat down to record this week's show. James Stevenson of Insomniac Games and Ariel Angelotti of Q-Games join Jeff and Garnett to speculate about the potential for Rockstar's next entry in the series before moving on to a number of other games, including two from their respective studios. Producer Dave Mabee hops on the mic to add his take on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, and then it's on to PixelJunk Sidescroller. Lord of the Rings: War in the North and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also square off, and there's an update on the latest news including the $50 price tag for Resident Evil on the 3DS. Wrap it all up with Finishing Moves and it's another epic Weekend Confirmed in the books.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 85: 11/04/2011

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    Round 1 00:00:36 – 00:27:37

    Whatcha Been Playing Part 1 00:28:04 – 00:59:23

    Whatcha Been Playing Part 2 01:00:20 – 01:28:44

    Featured Music Break: 01:28:44 – 01:32:02 Simon Jain – 'Last Exit'

    Listener Feedback/Front Page News 01:32:02 – 02:07:11

    NFL Tailgate 02:07:54 – 02:13:28

Featured muscleman Simon Jain has always held a certain presence in a room. His demeanor and persona often replicate in detail his music style; wild, brooding, seemingly out of control, yet subtly contained in the right places. He is known for an exuberance and charisma behind the dex held by few, and consistently displayed by even fewer.

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  • Hi guys.

    There always seems to be a lot of talk about there not being “any good games” for Kinect. When someone sites a game like The Gunstringer, the reply is “Well, what else is there?” I mean, will we ever be satisfied if the response is always “Well, what else is there?”

    The truth is there are several great games out for Kinect. Currently, my Kinect game collection is a follows: Dance central 1-2, Child of Eden, Gunstringer/Kinect Ninja, Kinect Sports 1-2, Kinectimals, and Power up Heroes. I also plan to buy Once Upon a Monster and Disneyland. I guess my point is, embrace Kinect for what it does best, as opposed to loathing it for what it isn’t.

    We as gamers have this habit of thinking that all games have to be all things to all gamers (and if it doesn’t fit in our paradigm for what a hardcore game is, then it isn’t worth playing). I know some will claim “Well, they promised me hardcore games.” I think even when the “hardcore” games finally arrive, gamers will still be unsatisfied and respond with “But now where are our harder-core games”. When will it end?

    Furthermore, a Kinect game doesn’t have to hold your attention for 8 hrs in one sitting to be a good game. It doesn’t have to somehow be integrated into hardcore experiences to be worthy of our acknowledgments. Let’s do away with this paradigm of what’s “good” because that paradigm is created from non-kinect game experiences. Instead, let’s create a new paradigm for what’s a “good” Kinect title. IMO, a good Kinect title is something that gets me moving, in short bursts and engages me in a way that my controller can’t. Nothing more, nothing less. Using that paradigm, there are several great Kinect titles to play. Enjoy!

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