Uncharted 3 dev defends changed controls

Uncharted 3 released two days ago, and many fans are crying foul. In spite of critical acclaim, many dislike the changes made to the controls of the single player campaign. Complaints include increased input lag and a general lack of responsiveness--something that's not present in the multiplayer component, and in Uncharted 2.

"Look, the aiming in Uncharted 3 single player campaign is definitely broken; it’s not in our heads. It doesn’t work and it’s ruining the experience. I never had an issue in Uncharted 1 and 2. Almost all my kills in UC2 were headshots, now in UC3 it’s all air. I hate getting into a gun fight in this game, especially with the brain dead A.I," one commenter said.

"Beating the SP on Hard was a nightmare. I tried to stealth kill every opportunity I had just to avoid shooting a weapon," another noted on Naughty Dog's website.

Naughty Dog's Arne Myer addressed fans' concerns, admitting that "guns fire in a completely different way in Uncharted 2 compared to what you're experiencing now in Uncharted 3," and says that the changes actually give you "a better grasp of whether you were hitting or missing a target."

According to Myer, while the way guns fire is different, "aiming is identical," conflicting popular opinion amongst commenters. "We did adjust the sensitivity to be MUCH higher in Uncharted 3 to give you a more precise feel," he says, but fans argue that the changes have resulted in the opposite effect.

At Shacknews, our Xav de Matos had no problem with the game, saying that not only did the shooting feel "more impactful," he had "no complaints about its responsiveness and feedback." I, on the other hand, found it significantly more difficult to aim in UC3 than UC2. What side of the fence are you?