Joe Danger Special Edition announced for Xbox 360

Stuntman supreme Joe Danger is indeed coming to Xbox 360, as a Korean Ratings Board listing had suggested, Microsoft announced today. The delightful race-o-platformer, originally released on PlayStation Network in June 2010, will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade this holiday season with heaps of new content. According to Microsoft, Joe Danger Special Edition will have "double the game play time of the original," packing 50 new levels in the Laboratory, new challenges, modes, and unlockable characters.

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XBLA was described as "kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers" by Hello Games managing director Sean Murray last year, explaining why Hello Games originally turned to PSN, who said that "a lot" of games failed to get noticed and sell well. That opinion hasn't changed, Murray told Gamestop in speaking about today's announcement, but Hello Games is undeterred. "So many indie titles get released that just don't make an impact, and get lost. I guess what we've seen is that really high-quality games still stand out, and we're really hoping Joe Danger Special Edition is one of those," he said. Though Joe Danger was funded in part by Sony's Pub Fund, and it was initially a PlayStation Network exclusive, Hello Games insisted upon self-publishing. The Special Edition, however, will not make it back to PSN. There's no word yet on the price for Joe Danger Special Edition. Hello is also still working on the sequel, Joe Danger The Movie, which it teases may hit multiple platforms.