MobyGames Classic: Grand Theft Auto 3

In October 2001, DMA Design (now known as Rockstar North) changed the landscape of game world design and helped create an entire sub-genre of video games that still exists today with the release of Grand Theft Auto 3. Lauded for its sandbox-like environment, the game was an immediate commercial and critical smash-hit for Sony's year-old PlayStation 2 system. Whether it truly is the granddaddy of open-world titles is inconsequential, Grand Theft Auto 3--and the franchise--has left its mark on the industry and is remembered ten years later as one of the best games ever made.

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"The greatest attention is [paid] to the tiniest of details to make the world seem as real and immersive as possible," MobyGames.com user Matt Neuteboom wrote in his 2005 review, describing the details that make Liberty City seem like a living, breathing world.

Though the game is most fondly remembered for its ability to melt the hours away with stretches of mindless violence, it also offered commentary on the worst aspects of our own society: "GTA3 brings a strong and irreverent sense of humor, making fun of the stereotypes people have of gangs and city life. Each neighborhood lampoons neighborhoods straight out of various gang movies such as The Godfather, Colors, and Do the Right Thing," MobyGames.com user Dwango wrote.

A staple in Rockstar's portfolio, Grand Theft Auto is a series that continues to excite fans and earlier today the developer revealed the franchise's next escapade with the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 on MobyGames.com

After leaving San Andreas and going on a crime spree throughout the country, the GTA3's protagonist (Claude) and his girlfriend Catalina head to Liberty City to continue a life of crime. During a bank heist, Claude is betrayed, shot and left for dead. After recovery he finds himself in prison but soon breaks free when a Colombian cartel ambushes the prison van to free an ally secured with Claude. With his new found freedom, Claude goes on the hunt for revenge on the mean streets of Liberty City.

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