Fusion: Genesis hits XBLA on Nov. 9

Starfire Studios has announced that its debut game, Fusion: Genesis, will hit Xbox Live Arcade on November 9. Starfire is comprised for former employees at Rare, which is owned by Microsoft. Fusion: Genesis is a twin-stick, sci-fi shooter, but based on the debut trailer, it looks like there will be a lot of possible roles to play.

Xbox Live's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb confirmed the release date on his blog earlier today.

Fusion: Genesis will allow players to take on the roles of "free trader, galactic peacekeeper, military loyalist, devout seeker, or lawless mercenary," and battle invading forces in four-player co-op or competitively between eight gamers.

The trailer promises six "epic" story-lines to play through that take place in an "'always connected' dynamic environment." The game's twenty-three levels include hundreds of solo and co-op missions, and features over a hundred ships to fly, along with thousands of possible weapons and upgrades.

Fusion: Genesis, which will also connect with the Windows 7 Phone game Fusion: Sentient, will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD) when it blasts off a week from tomorrow.

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