Syndicate trailer shows co-op corporate warfare

While Starbreeze's rebooted Syndicate FPS may not be a squad-based tactical affair like the original games, you'll be able to somewhat pretend you're recreating them in its four-player co-op mode. Publisher EA today released a new trailer and screens of Syndicate's co-op, so boot up your augmented reality implants and start tuning your drug glands for self-deception.

The co-op mode boasts nine missions supposedly "inspired by" Bullfrog's much-loved original Syndicate. Have a gander at it in these new screenshots, and watch the trailer below.

Like the snazzy announcement trailer, it's soundtracked by a remix of a classic Syndicate tune, this time from Digitalism. EA's offering an MP3 download of that too if you 'Like' Syndicate on Facebook

Syndicate is headed to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on February 12, having had its release date actually bumped forwards.

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