New Kinect 'Holiday Bundle' includes Fruit Ninja, Gunstringer

And the holiday bundles keep on coming. In addition to Microsoft's two other "Holiday Bundles," the company has announced one more, this time focusing on Kinect. The Kinect sensor will be bundled with three games: Fruit Ninja, The Gunstringer, and Kinect Adventures. The bundle will cost the same as the standalone peripheral, $149, making it quite an attractive incentive.

The Gunstringer is probably the "best" game in the package, scoring a 76 on Metacritic. Its developer, Twisted Pixel, was recently acquired by Microsoft.

While a good deal, this new package is significantly less exciting than Microsoft's originally planned Kinect Star Wars bundle, which included a console modeled after R2-D2. Unfortunately, the game was delayed to 2012, making the system fall behind as well.