MechWarrior reboot goes free-to-play, PC only

After two years of radio silence since first revealing a MechWarrior reboot was in the works, developer Piranha Games has revealed that the game will be a PC-exclusive title sporting a free-to-play business model.

MechWarrior Online will go live in the second half of 2012, according to a report from PC Gamer.

"Starting from just before the Clan Invasion of 3050, MWO will tell the story of the Battletech universe in real-time," PC Gamer writes in its exclusive preview of the upcoming title. Each day within the game will represent a single day of the universe's warring factions battling for control of the "fictional Inner Sphere."

"I think it's really the MechWarrior you know," Piranha President Russ Bullock said, insisting that the title's new Free-to-Play model will not keep the game from being a proper title in the series. "It's fully first-person. It's not a new interpretation. We're modernizing things a little bit, I think we'll get to those questions, but certainly it's MechWarrior."

When the reboot was first announced, it was originally planned for release on the PC and Xbox 360. The console version appears to have been canceled.

Jordan Weisman, founder of MechWarrior creator FASA, announced in 2007 his newly established studio Smith & Tinker had licensed the rights to a number of properties from Microsoft, including MechWarrior. At the time, Weisman said it was his company's intention to "surprise and delight old fans."

More information, and the ability to "reserve" your pilot's name, is available on the official MechWarrior Online website.

As many MechWarrior fans are undoubtedly a part of the Shacknews community, we ask: are you surprised and delighted by MechWarrior's F2P reboot?