Rumor: Too Human, X-Men Destiny dev hit by 'massive layoffs'

Silicon Knights, developer of games like Too Human, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, and Eternal Darkness, is rumored to have undergone "massive layoffs." The Canadian development studio, having just shipped X-Men Destiny, has apparently laid off all but 25 employees today.

While it's common for contract employees to be terminated once a game ships, the alleged size of the cuts points to something far more drastic.

The company has not confirmed the reports, but 1UP has supposedly received two credible and independent sources verifying the layoff. In fact, one tipster says that studio head Denis Dyack's wife, who worked in the human resources department, has also been laid off.

Dyack was infamous for being a vocal defender of Too Human, which met middling reviews in spite of its years-long development. However, Dyack has been suspicious quiet since the studio's most recent release, X-Men Destiny, fared even worse critically.

Although future plans for the studio included a game with Sega, and a possible continuation of the Too Human franchise, the company's most recent official line is that "they are focused on [the] released X-Men Destiny."