Unreal DevKit adds iOS Facebook support

Epic Games' latest update to the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) adds a few bits of basic iOS Facebook functionality. The October 2011 update, posted last week, lets developers using the UDK add iOS features like creating wall posts and downloading friends lists. You can also create one of those handy "request additional permissions from user" windows that you've probably seen while on Facebook.

While the iOS/Facebook specific features say quite a bit about the direction of gaming, the full update adds quite a few more features as well. You can use a new paint tool to make foliage quickly, and several new landscaping tools to shift the environment, among other tweaks to the editor.

Epic also plugged an "Unreal University" session at the Montreal International Game Summit, beginning tomorrow. Plus, this month's highlighted UDK game is Gyro13 - Steam Copter Arcade HD for iOS devices. Epic has been consistent in offering the UDK as a nice set of learning tools, and only starts taking a cut after royalties on a game surpasses $50,000 in revenue.

You can download the October 2011 beta from Shacknews.