Weekend Confirmed 84 - Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, GTA V announced

By Garnett Lee, Oct 28, 2011 11:15am PDT

Battlefield 3 blew up across the video game world this week and its shockwaves carried right over to Weekend Confirmed. But believe it or not, BlizzCon momentarily upstages the modern warfare, as Xav, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett get distracted by pandas in WoW and the latest title to board the DOTA train. This special episode was recorded in the evening and the crew celebrated with beers and bourbon. So buckle up, it gets bumpy from the start. Along the rest of the way there's talk of Uncharted 3 and Dance Central 2, hopes and dreams for Grand Theft Auto V, and, of course, Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 84: 10/28/2011

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  • Kinect was about 4 years too late. We already went through the Wii highs and lows. We went through the wow factor of Wii Sports Wii Fit etc and the promise of the potential of Motion Control. We went through the technical shortcomings of motion control and the cash grab shovelware thrown at us while it motion control was new and fresh.

    Eventually we went through the catch-22 scenario where AAA 3rd party games were not going to get made for the Wii until 3rd party games sold on the Wii, but 3rd party games were not going to sell on the Wii until AAA 3rd party games were made for the Wii.

    This is why the Kinect half-life was going to be much shorter. We had been there, done that. And If 3rd parties would not put much effort/resources into Wii games when it was smoking hot and when it had such a massive install base then why would they put money into a Kinect game?

    Also working against it was the an old rule of consoles - you make games for the lowest common denominator. A subset of which is you do not make games for peripherals or accessories unless you desire to exclude half your audience.

    Plus Kinect launched with a mediocre pack-in game. Not even close to a Wii Sports. I forget the name of the game already and I purchased it.

    All in all, anyone that wanted these dancing, fitness, mini games, arcade sport mini games already had 4 years in which to play them on the Wii. It was starting to get obvious by the time that Kinect launched that consumers were over the Wii. It sold to anyone and everyone that wanted one. The craze was over.

    Kinect wasn't enough of a new thing to start a new craze anywhere close to the level of a Wii. Copycats almost never are. It offered "no controller" play, but also no buttons and camera/space issues. And I would argue that software wise it was not only a copycat, but a step back in quality.. The Nintendo made Wii games were better software than any of the software released with or alongside Kinect.

    And so Kinect was doomed to the dust bin much sooner than the Wii.

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    • That game was Kinect Adventures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBgcrAbja90

      I guess they didn't want to "give away" Kinect Sports, because they felt they could charge full price for it, but that left the stigma of "Come on, it's a Wii-esque thing, but they're not even packing in the Wii Sports equivalent?!

      The Bombcast from 11/9/2010 was eerily on-the-spot in terms of the launch lineup being disappointing, compared to all the hoopla of the Project Natal reveal back in E3 2009 (Project Milo, the promise of skateboarding with no board, etc.).

      "Everyone sat down and said, 'Well, this is like a Wii thing, right? So we're gonna make our crap Wii games for it!'... if their idea of marketing to the masses is to put out a bunch of kinda half-assed mini-game collections, that's not gonna hit for them either... I think stuff like Kinectimals could be the way to go, if they make it better and deeper and more interesting... if all they're gonna do is make games that would actually probably play better on a Wii, they're fucked." -- Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bombcast 11/9/2010, about 25 minutes in