Weekend PC digital deals: Halloween special

"It was all a dream, wasn't it?" You roll over in bed, turning away from the cruel light of Monday morning. You were definitely at the Halloween party, you can remember that much. You were larking about in your Sexy Hardcover Book costume, drinking vile brews, doing the Monster Mash, then... You leap up and skid across the floor, spewing curses. You snatch up your coin purse, tear it open, and snatch out your credit card. Empty. Your credit card is completely empty. Halloween sales have claimed another victim. Do also check out our guide to some of the Halloween festivities PC games are hosting this year. Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Dead Island


Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Cryptic Comet

To celebrate being turned down by Steam, Cryptic Comet is offering 50% off its games if you use the voucher code NEVERONSTEAM.

Solium Infernum


Dead Space 2


Killing Floor

Get Games

Total War: Shogun 2

Good Old Games


Green Man Gaming

  • Batman: Arkham City - $36.36 (27% off) with the voucher code GMG10-PERCE-NTOFF

Batman: Arkham City




Left 4 Dead 2