Sega publishing Arkedo's 'Project Hell Yeah!'

Sega announced today that it had signed a deal with indie developer Arkedo Studio, to publish its next game. At the moment, the game is being referred to as "Project Hell Yeah!", and no platforms or release target have been announced. But then, the game has only been in the works for nine months. Arkedo is best known for DS games Nervous Brickdown and Bang Bang Mini, along with some of the better-known Xbox Live Indie games like Arkedo Series Pixel and Jump!

The game's official site doesn't share many details, but does show some art of monsters and what appears to be a dead cyborg bunny. Arkedo calls it their biggest game so far.

Arkedo was the picture of humility and grace in the announcement. "See, Sega? We spent the last five years telling you repeatedly that someday, somehow, you would publish one of our games," said Camille Guermonprez of Arkedo Studio. "This day has come. Hell Yeah! Now let's go back to work and finish the damn thing."