DC Universe Online free-to-play beings November 1

DC Universe Online's free-to-play transition is happening quite soon, the company has announced. Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that their MMO will be F2P beginning November 1st.

With a basic "Free Access" account, you'll be able to enjoy all level 1-30 missions, Alerts, Duos, Arenas, and the Batcave and Fortress of Solitude Raids. However, there are limitations in terms of character slots, inventory, and other features that open up at "Premium" and "Legendary" accounts.

Spending 500 Station Cash or $5 on the PlayStation Store for DC Universe gear will unlock "Premium Access," which adds additional slots, voice chat, and a higher currency cap. Once you achieve "Premium Access" status, it does not expire, meaning you will not need to purchase anything else to maintain it.

All current subscribers will transition to "Legendary" status, while their membership remains valid. In addition to greatly expanded character inventory slots, it grants free access to all current and future DLC, and removes a currency cap. Lifetime subscribers will have permanent "Legendary" status, while everyone else will continue to be billed at $15 a month.

Although DCUO is changing its business model with the F2P update, SOE promises that "we will continue to add brand new game play missions/zones that everyone can enjoy, including two more Fortress of Solitude raids! Players can also expect continued enhancements to existing content and mechanics."

You can see a comparison of all the features between Free, Premium, and Legendary here.