Super T.I.M.E. Force is next game from Critter Crunch dev

Capybara Games, developers of Critter Crunch, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Sword & Sworcery, have announced their new game: Super T.I.M.E. Force. Little has been revealed about the game beyond its premise: "For the elite soldiers of the Super T.I.M.E Force, Past, Present and Future are mere weapons in their arsenal."

"But also they have guns... and one guy has a sword."

The developer has submitted the game, which has you "jump through time and kill stuff that never should've happened," for the Independent Games Festival. Clearly, Capy is trying to do a bit more with this retro-inspired shooter, saying that "altering pre-existing events in space-time could have dire consequences," such as "pissing off God" and "accidentally dating your mother." Uh-oh!

No platforms have been announced, but one has been un-announced: the game will not be coming to iOS.

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