Bloodforge trailer spills out of Climax

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 26, 2011 10:30am PDT

"Decapitate. Eviscerate. Maul. Chop. Slice. Dice. Skewer. Lacerate. Pound. Cleave. Hack. Sever. Stab. Kill." That's the snappy tagline for Bloodforge, a gory Xbox Live Arcade from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories developer Climax, which has received its first proper trailer.

Bloodforge was announced quietly during E3, and this new trailer is the most we've seen of it since. Climax promises "a brutal combat system," which vengeful warrior Crom will use to disembowel everything from demons to gods.

Published by Microsoft Studios, Bloodforge is slated to launch on XBLA in "early 2012".

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