How Call of Duty Elite plans on making you a better player

Let's say you love playing Call of Duty, but you hate your 0.1 K/D ratio, getting sniped and stabbed seconds of spawning. If only there were some way money could make you a better player. Activision is proposing just that, with the Call of Duty Elite service.

One of the pillars of Activision's new subscription service is "Improve," which is supposed to step your game up. "It's the ultimate strategy guide for Call of Duty," Beachhead's Jennifer Puno explains.

Include in the "Improve" section of Call of Duty Elite are guides on the weapons, equipment, perks, kill streaks, maps, and game modes of Black Ops and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. There are also tutorial videos and detailed personalized stats. The "Maps 2.0" feature seems especially useful, as it lets you see maps in detail, with routes showing the best way to get to certain objectives, and tips on how to best utilize features built in to the environment.

"We can enable the great players in our community to really share their knowledge with people that are not as good," Chako Sonny explains in this video.

Finally! With Elite, you'll have a leg up on the competition... provided they don't also shell out $50/year for the subscription as well.

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