Batman: Arkham City free with Samsung 830 SSD drives

Samsung is seriously trying to push its new SSD drives to gamers. Promising faster game loads than conventional hard drives, Samsung's newly released 830 series of SSDs, 128GB and above, will come with a special bonus: a free PC download of Batman: Arkham City.

But don't think of this as a way of getting Arkham City early. Because of the PC version's delay, the drives will ship with a download code, which can be redeemed once the game is available.

128GB drives cost $229.99, while 256GB drives cost $429.99. The largest model, 512GB, maxes out at $849.99. The asking price is quite significant, but hopefully the inclusion of Arkham City (usually worth $49.99) softens the blow.

According to a Samsung-sponsored study, research firm Hit Detection said that the SSD drives can provide up to a 30% decrease in boot times, making it perfect for "impatient gamers."