Halo: Anniversary levels described by franchise manager Kevin Grace

343 Industries took Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on a worldwide tour to show off the game in advance of its November 15 launch. Along with touting its many features like the new engine that makes the decade-old classic look and sound like a modern game and remakes of six of the original's favorite multiplayer maps now using the Halo Reach online engine, a load of new screens were released to back up those claims. To help put it all in perspective, Halo franchise manager at developer 343 Industries, Kevin Grace, selected these four representative screens and offered a brief word on what they mean to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Breakneck

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Grace says: The battle-ravaged streets of New Mombasa play host to adrenaline-pumping battles in amazing new detail in "Breakneck," a remastered look at the classic "Halo" multiplayer map called "Headlong." High Noon

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Grace says: With the terrible power of the Forerunners on full display right outside, Spartans fight for survival and glory inside "High Noon," which offers "Halo" fans a reinvention of "Hang 'Em High," one of "Halo's" most popular multiplayer maps ever. Pillar of Autumn

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Grace says: On November 15, 2001, Master Chief introduced the world to "Halo" and changed the way gamers thought about console gaming. This November 15, "Halo" fans old and new will have a chance to start Master Chief's campaign all over again with incredible new visual, audio, and gameplay upgrades. Halo

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Grace says: Long-time "Halo" fans will find new surprises in every environment and encounter in "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary", including a brand new storyline delving into the history of the mysterious Forerunners.