New PSP-3000 bundle packs FIFA, Cars 2

With the PlayStation Vita not launching in North America until February, Sony would have been left without a shiny new handheld box on store shelves for the holiday season. Enter a new PSP-3000 'Entertainment Pack' bundle, which pairs the soon-to-be-superseded console with FIFA Soccer 12 and Cars 2: The Video Game.

Priced at $159.99, the bundle packs at black PSP-3000, a 2GB memory stick, FIFA 12 on UMD, and a PlayStation Network voucher to download Cars 2. The name's snappy too: the EA Sports FIFA Soccer 12 and Cars 2: The Video Game PSP Entertainment Pack.

Obviously, there's very little overlap between the people who'd be thrilled to unwrap this new PSP bundle under the Christmas tree, and those planning to buy a Vita at launch.

The Vita is due to arrive on February 22, 2012, in two models. It'll cost $299.99 with with both 3G and WiFi connectivity, while the WiFi-only version will be $249.99.