Battlefield 3-tuned graphics drivers launched

The PC edition of Battlefield 3 certainly seems the version to play, so, to prepare for its launch on Tuesday, you may well want to install the beta graphics card drivers Nvidia and AMD have tuned for DICE's war game.

Both of these drivers are also recommended for Rage, if you fancy a little boost there too.

Nvidia claims that its new certified driver increases Battlefield 3 performance on a single GTX 560 by "up to 11%" since the last beta drivers. While you doubtless cannot expect such a boost for every card or in all settings configurations, every little helps.

AMD, meanwhile, recommends that you use the Catalyst 11.10 Version 3 Preview driver, which boosts BF3 performance by an unquantified amount. According to AMD's driver man Terry Makedon, it's essentially the same driver as the certified version that will be released on October 31.

Battlefield 3 invades North America on October 25, targeting PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, then will march into Europe on October 28.