Diablo 3 free for annual WoW subscribers

World of Warcraft players are some of the most dedicated Blizzard fans out there. At BlizzCon today, the company announced plans on rewarding World of Warcraft subscribers with quite an enticing bonus: a free copy of Diablo III when it releases. (You will only get the regular edition, not the special edition pictured above.) Of course, there are some strings attached. To be eligible for the bonus, you must get a new 12 month "annual pass," which costs $15 a month. In addition to a free copy of Diablo 3, you'll also get guaranteed access to the next expansion pack beta, with the 12 month commitment. Finally, you'll get an exclusive mount, Tyrael's Charger, for use in WOW after patch 4.3 releases. Tyrael's Charger can be used as either a ground or flying mount.

Tyrael's Charger

Unfortunately, this promotion is for current World of Warcraft players only, and is not valid for any new subscribers. "New World of Warcraft accounts created after October 18, 2011 are not eligible to for this promotion," a Q&A further details. Our own Xav DeMatos is at BlizzCon right now. Stay tuned to Shacknews for further breaking news and updates.