Starhawk private beta begins November

Everyone that picks up a copy of Uncharted 3 next month will get access to the Starhawk Open Beta in 2012. But, you want even earlier access, don't you?

LightBox Interactive will be launching a private beta for their upcoming PS3-exclusive multiplayer game in November. While the private beta is usually reserved for QA testers and "close friends," Sony will be inviting a number of Warhawk veterans to join the ranks in the coming weeks.

Frequent Warhawk players will want to check their inboxes for special email invites with keys to the private beta. Codes will be distributed in waves, and the order in which players are granted access will be determined by "a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters."

LightBox president Dylan Jobe promised that the private beta is exactly that--and not a glorified demo. "We’ll be actively requesting comments on tuning changes and other game updates that we’ll be making to Starhawk throughout the Private Beta." According to Jobe, the beta will test the SkillScore player ranking system, as well as weapon and Build & Battle game balance. Apparently, the beta will be very dynamic, with updates planned "almost every day."

As if early access weren't incentive enough, all beta testers will also receive a "special gift" for when Starhawk is officially released. Given our enthusiastic impressions at E3, we have a feeling that beta testers are really going to have a lot of fun.