Battlefield 3 launch trailer shows off single player campaign

With Battlefield 3 releasing next week, it's time for what's likely to be its final trailer. Well, at least until the inevitable DLC starts pouring in.

While many of the videos released thus far have focused on multiplayer, this launch trailer provides an extensive look into the single player campaign. According to EA, the narrative will have Marine Sergent "Black" discover "how far he would go to defend his country."

The video highlights the game's incredible graphical fidelity and detailed animation. It also gives us a few glimpses of a few new stages, such as a chase through New York City's Times Square.

Developer DICE had previously stated that the inspiration for the campaign came from cinema, like Generation Kill and Hurt Locker. Based on this launch trailer, does it seem any more serious in tone than the single player campaign for Modern Warfare 3?

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