Pinballistik coming to PS3 on November 1

Creat Studios has announced that their competitive pinball game, Pinballistik, is headed exclusively to the PlayStation Network next month. Take two themed pinball tables and give them sort of a Siamese-twin treatment that fuses them together, and you've got a pretty good idea what Pinballistik is all about. Classic (single-player) versions of each table are also available, if that's more your thing.

According to the official announcement, Pinballistik will hit the PlayStation Store on November 1, priced at $3.99. The purchase will include one table called "Circle the Wagons," featuring a saloon and "can-can" dancers. More tables will be released as DLC--including Sector X and Made of Money DLC tables which will be available at launch--and each additional game pack will cost $2.99, allowing players to purchase only those extra tables they're most interested in. It's a business model that's similar to Pinball FX 2 on Xbox 360.

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