Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer Strike Packages and point streaks detailed

Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward, admits that the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty appeals to a very exclusive kind of gamer. "We realized we had made the game for one type of player: the player with the high kill count... that was the only type of player that would get rewarded," Rubin explains in a new developer video diary. "What we wanted to do was offer the same kind of reward system for every type of player."

To help players of all types, Modern Warfare 3 introduces new "Strike Packages" and point streaks. Point streaks replace kill streaks from previous games, and ensure that players that score points by supporting the team will also get rewarded.

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There are three types of Strike Packages: Assault, Support, and Specialist. Each offer unique perks based on the type of gamer you are. For example, Assault will let you set up a turret. Support adds a unique twist, as your point streaks are not reset even after you die. That means you can be very active in the battlefield, supporting your team, without having to worry too much about the consequence of dying.

The Specialist package sounds absolutely terrifying, and is geared towards the best and the most hardcore players. You are awarded a new Perk with every two kills, meaning at eight kills you are maxed out on Perks and essentially become a "super-soldier."

Infinity Ward claims that this is the "most balanced" Call of Duty multiplayer experience yet. (At the very least, no one can claim that MW3 doesn't feature significant changes over MW2.) It'll be interesting to see how drastic these changes are once the game goes live next month.