Report: Assassin's Creed movie rights pursued by Sony

Sony Pictures is reportedly entering final negotiations to adapt the Assassin's Creed series into a feature movie. Ubisoft had been shopping its most popular properties to various Hollywood production houses, gaining the interest of some studios including Universal. Ubisoft wants to more creative control of their properties than is usual for deals of this kind, and that was apparently a key factor for Sony leading the pack.

Variety reports that the deal sounds like a snug fit for both companies. Sony Pictures is adding more video game properties to its slate, having already penned deals for Uncharted and InFamous adaptations. Ubisoft, meanwhile, is aiming to have its other properties like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon make it to the big screen. Ubisoft and Sony did not confirm the deal, but sources claim it's moving forward.

As video game properties go, Assassin's Creed seems ideal for a movie. A historical epic starring Ezio (i.e. Renaissance Batman) certainly has potential, and the series carries more than enough crazy mythology to fuel a plot. Then again, mileage may vary, as Disney's big-budget Prince of Persia adaptation fizzled after holding similar promise.

Ubisoft is aggressively pushing into different entertainment media, having recently opened a film and television division and announcing a Raving Rabbids TV series on Nickelodeon. Ubisoft and Sony are expected to co-produce and co-finance the Assassin's Creed movie.