Pixar's Codename Rush, Double Fine's Happy Action Theater, and Sesame Street TV coming to Kinect

Microsoft has announced a number of new titles at a Kinect-oriented press conference in New York City today. First up is Codename Rush. Jay Ward, Cars "Franchise Guardian" at Pixar Animation Studios announced the Kinect-exclusive, which "scans" players into the worlds of Toy Story, Up, Cars, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles. From the short trailer shown to the audience, it appears the game is a collection of mini-games from the various movies. The next game announced for Kinect is DoubleFine's Happy Action Theater, a game created "for his daughter." No details were shown, other than the logo (above).

Kinect Sesame Street TV varies in its interactivity

In addition, Microsoft has announced new partnerships with Sesame Street and National Geographic to develop new interactive games designed for very young audiences. National Geographic: Expedition Wild introduces kids to fun facts about animals and nature, and then thrusts children into full-body mini-games. Kinect Sesame Street TV looks like an interactive version of the television show, and allows children become "participants as opposed to a passive viewer." Very simple mini-games will break up the pre-recorded action. For example, in one segment, Grover asks the player to throw three coconuts into the box. The action is very simple, obviously geared towards children. BOOM video 10866 Key to the "interactive television experience" is the fact that Kinect uses no buttons, making it much more accessible than standard controller interfaces. The game will include footage filmed in Sesame Workshop's New York studio, and is brought to you by the number 5. While hardcore gamers are unlikely to get absorbed by Kinect Sesame Street TV, it's easily a system seller for parents of young children. The controller-free experience coupled with Sesame Street's proven accessibility makes for a compelling killer-combo. BOOM video 10862