New Xbox 360 250GB 'Holiday Bundles' announced

It's that time of the year, folks. Microsoft has announced two new Xbox 360 "Holiday Bundles," vying for your holiday dollars. Both options feature 250GB, but only one includes the Kinect peripheral. The $399 bundle includes a 250GB system, Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do, and three months of Xbox Live Gold.

The $299 bundle includes a 250GB system, Fable III, and Halo: Reach, plus three months of Xbox Live Gold.

These new bundles are significantly less exciting than Microsoft's originally planned Kinect Star Wars bundle, which included a console modeled after R2-D2. Unfortunately, the game was delayed to 2012, making the system fall behind as well.

Microsoft's high priced bundles, such as the $399 Kinect bundle, are helping increase the average price of the system, years into its life cycle. Yesterday, a study showed that Xbox 360 was outpacing its competitors, in spite of costing much more.