Guacamelee announced; Metroidvania with Mexican wrestling

Toronto-based indie developer DrinkBox Studios has just revealed it's next game, a 2D brawler-platformer starring a Mexican wrestler and featuring Metroid-vania style open world design. The game is called Guacamelee, and in it, players will take on the role of Juan Aguacate as he uses all manner of punches and kicks to save El Presidente's daughter (and the world) from the clutches of an Evil Charro Skeleton.

Drawing inspiration from Mexican culture and folklore, Guacamelee is set near a small village, but Aguacate will need to perform a grim fist-fandango across "The World of the Dead" and "The World of Nightmares" in order to save the day.

While the top-line description may make the game sound like simply another action-platformer, the open-world nature of the game and its implementation of brawling mechanics that are also used to explore seem like they could be a great fit.

"We're looking to build upon the classic open-world, Metroid-vania style of games by adding a strong melee combat component, a new dimension switching mechanic, and co-operative same-screen multiplayer for the entire story," said DrinkBox COO Graham Smith on the game's official blog (via PSN Stores). "We are also attempting to blur the boundaries between combat and platforming by making many of the moves you perform useful for both of these."

Platforms and a release date for Guacamelee have yet to be revealed, but given that DrinkBox's previous game Tales from Space: About a Blob is a PSN-exclusive and its follow-up, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, is being developed for the PlayStation Vita, it's likely (but not confirmed) that Guacamelee will also be available via the PlayStation Network. You can check out the game's announcement trailer, below.

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