Gran Turismo 5 DLC delayed in North America

The slate of downloadable content announced for Gran Turismo 5 last week won't be coming out today in North America after all, Sony has confirmed. Instead, it'll launch next week, with an extra treat thrown in too.

The delay's only in North America, though--Europe and the rest of the world can already be happily racing away with the new content.

"GT5 DLC will hit the North American Store on 10/25 but will include a special bonus," the publisher said on Twitter. "Apologies for the inconvenience!"

It's the first DLC for Polyphony Digital's racer, so a few hiccups were perhaps to be expected. The lineup includes new cars, tracks, paint colours, and more. Individual packs range from $2-8, but you'll be able to get the whole lot in a $12 bundle, saving $6.