Battlefield 3 open beta stats reveal big numbers

Do you like large numbers, and do you like Battlefield 3? If so, you'll love this collection of Battlefield 3 statistics from the recent multiplayer open beta, which come complete with inane and ludicrous comparisons. The King of Stats is that 8,125,310 users took part in the beta across all platforms, which DICE says is "enough people to fill the entire city of New York." It'd be a bit of a squeeze, though, as NYC's population is in fact around 50,000 higher, and the city's hardly known for spacious accommodation. 1.5 billion kills were registered, a number apparently "equal to half the liters of beer consumed across the world in 2011." I've calculated that beer would weigh about as much as 312,500 African elephants, for those who demand their measurements come in Elephantidae. Or, if you multiply 1.5 billion by six, that many cans of beer could make 1.5 billion six-packs. While DICE gives the longest-range headshot as 635.6 metres, many fans are reporting to hit further, leading some to speculate that it's not counting the map Caspian Border, which was opened up during the last weekend of the beta only on PC . Here's the full selection of statistics and baffling interpretations:

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