PSN trophy cap raised

Here's a problem that's likely to affect very few of you.

Did you know that the PSN trophy system had a level cap? You couldn't get past level 50--a remarkable feat that only a few gamers in the world have managed to achieve. To reach level 50, you'd need the equivalent of over 300,000 Gamerscore. Given the late-in-life implementation of the PSN trophy system, to get a score like that would be a truly spectacular feat.

According to IGN, the level cap has been lifted, allowing gamers to go past level 50. According to the site, lifting the cap has allowed duck360, the top-ranked trophy hunter, to reach level 56, with 15,868 Trophies and 319 Platinum Trophies.

The upcoming PlayStation Vita will also support Trophies, meaning gamers will be able to accrue PSN trophy points at home and on the go. Congrats to those of you that managed to break through the level 50 barrier, and making my level 20 look entirely pathetic.