Gears of War 3 art contest winners revealed

By Garnett Lee, Oct 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT

Check out the three winners below of the Gears of War 3 Gears United / Artists United contest as announced by Epic Games and deviantART today. The contest challenged artists to create a work in any desired medium featuring at least one character from the game that "captures the soul-shattering spirit of Gears of War rendered in the Entrant's own original fan art." Entries could be solo efforts--as was the case for the first and second place winners--or co-op--as was the third place winner. For his winning entry, ~Aeonsend banked a $10,000 cash prize along with some nice goods. It's a dramatic image that definitely hits the Gears feel but for my money the third place winner pulls off the graphic novel look just right for Gears. Check out all three after the jump and decide for yourself.

First Place: "Bring It" by ~Aeonsend

The team of Epic judges described the winner in glowing terms saying, "Somber, moody, and just feels poignant," and, "cool lighting and composition."

Second Place: "Passage to Hell" by ~wwudesign

"Looks not at all unlike concept art from the game," noted the Epic judges, who added, "This scene is so ominous, bleak, and soul crushing, it fits great into the Gears universe."

Third Place: "Final Stand" by ~JerMohler and ~Kapow2003

The Epic judges said they enjoyed seeing the stylized take on the characters and world and, "Would love to see it pushed futher."

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