Costume Quest now available on PC

Tim Schafer's studio, Double Fine Productions, has been on quite the roll lately, making games like Brutal Legend and Stacking. But, none of them have appeared on PC. Why? "We have always said that if it were up to us, we’d release our games for the PC," Schafer said in a press release "Well, now... it’s finally up to us!"

Adorable Halloween-themed RPG Costume Quest will be the first PC game from the studio in over six years, since Psychonauts.

The game is available now on Steam for $14.99. The "Grubbins on Ice" expansion pack is included for free with the PC edition, perhaps as an apology for the year-long delay.

The announcement also teases that this is but the beginning of Double Fine's support for the PC. "We're working on it, eh?" the press release noted.

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