Weekend Confirmed 82 - Firefall, Dark Souls, Space Marine 2

By Xav de Matos, Oct 14, 2011 11:00am PDT

With Garnett Lee at a secret undisclosed location (called Portland), it's up to Jeff Cannata and Xav de Matos to carry the big show once again. This week, freelancer Billy Berghammer and Red 5 Studios founder and CEO Mark Kern join the party to discuss Red 5's Firefall, tell some World of Warcraft stories and discuss some more Dark Souls. Xav also spills the beans on a recent interview with THQ executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilson, and talks about the future of Relic's Space Marine franchise and teases some hands-on with Saint's Row: The Third. We wrap it up with questions from the audience and finishing moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 82: 10/14/2011

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UK-based Bad Wolf provides this week's music break with their single "Hot Lunch." The track is available on iTunes.

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Mark Kern is the founder and CEO of Red 5 Studios, which is currently working on the free-to-play shooter Firefall. Find more about the game at Firefallthegame.com.

Freelancer Billy Berghammer can be found on Twitter @louiethecat.

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  • Jeff Cannata: "I'm surprised that not all connected gamers are on Facebook and Twitter." (paraphrasing here; too lazy to transcribe tonight)

    I'm refusing to join Facebook and Twitter because it's a jungle of insanity, and I don't want to give personal info to companies that may do stupid things with it (whether it's stealth privacy policy changes like Facebook, or getting hacked like PSN, or advertising spam like everyone).

    I also consider the "you must sign up for this service login to play a game" to be a liability. I'm sacrificing privacy to play a video game. I refused to buy UT3 because they used GameSpy for the mandatory login. I've been with Steam since Half-Life 2, but they take privacy and security seriously, and they appear to be the exception in online services. We just had a Shacker get his XBox Live account hijacked, and there's been a rash of Live account hijackings allegedly related to the release timing of FIFA 12: http://www.giantbomb.com/news/microsoft-ea-claim-fifa-isnt-causing-rash-of-xbox-live-hacks/3746/

    One thing that I think will put a damper on the "PC renaissance" is the sheer number of logins a gamer needs to register to be able to play games over multiple services. My personal mantra right now is "Steam or nothing!", which pretty much means I'm only playing games with Steamworks, or indie games with no DRM. Because they've walled themselves off, I can't buy any titles from Ubisoft (UPlay), EA (Origin), Microsoft (Games for Windows Live), or other publishers who don't commit to Steamworks or no online activation DRM. I'm not interested in MMOs, and I want to be able to play PC games when my Internet connection flakes out (as it frequently does).