Team Fortress 2 celebrates item store's Manniversary

Team Fortress 2's in-game item shop, the Mann Co. Store, has been given a massive update to celebrate its first birthday yesterday. Players can now take items for a test drive, follow the progress of user-created items, and, of course, buy a heap of new hats, weapons, and more.

Firstly, for players not at all interested in all that 'hat' jazz, one of the Manniversary Update and Sale's new features is load-out presets, so you won't have to fiddle and fuddle when changing roles. Or outfits, if that's your bag.

Players who do enjoy the constant stream of crispy fresh new items are now able to view user-created items submitted to Valve, rating and commenting on them, in the Steam Workshop. It also massively overhauls the submission process, for those actually making the items. According to Valve, creators have made over $2,000,000 since the store launched.

You don't have to just stare wistfully at items you'll never buy, though, as the Manniversary update has brought the option to give items a test drive. Every six days, players can pick a weapon to trial, using it as freely as they please, and get a 25% discount if they decided to buy it for keeps.

On a less practical level, fashionistas are able to express themselves more freely, as certain items which were previously classified as hats are now miscellaneous items, such as beards, and there's an extra misc. slot too.

For the ultimate in accessorization, certain items can be customized with images of your own choosing, including flair buttons, clan medals, and a protest sign weapon. Yes, you probably can expect to at some point be beaten to death by a large image of genitalia.

On top of all that, the update adds a new user-created control point map Gullywash, a new high-five taunt to buy, which players do together, and stacks of new user-made hats.

Oh, and many items are on sale, with up to 75% off, until Monday. Enjoy the Manniversary.