To the Moon due November 1

Indie developer Freebird Games has announced a November 1 release date for To the Moon, the heart-tugging adventure-RPG about a couple of scientists manipulating a dying man's memories to help him fulfill an unrealized wish. A couple of months ago, I interviewed Freebird's founder and one-man powerhouse Kan Gao about the project, which conveys its creatively original narrative using some familiar conventions from Japanese role-playing games.

Vocalist Laura Shigihara ('Zombies on my Lawn' - Plants vs. Zombies), lends her vocal talents to the game's soundtrack, which was also composed by Gao. The soundtrack--some of which can currently be sampled on the official website--is also currently available for pre-order. The To the Moon website also indicates that fifty percent of the profit from OST purchases will go to charities combating autism.

A new preview trailer of sorts has also been released, featuring in-game footage and some words from Gao, himself. Given the rather heady themes the game is tackling, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that it contains a good deal of quirky humor, which adds a nice flavor to the game's charm and intrigue.

The developer isn't accepting pre-orders yet, but you can sign up to be notified via email on the official website.

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