Shack PSA: Duke Nukem Forever $10 on Steam

How much would you be willing pay for Duke Nukem Forever? Critics may have largely rejected it, but video gaming's favourite running joke certainly found a fair few fans, and one has to be curious after all these years of waiting, yes? Publisher 2K dropped the standard PC price to $20 on PC in September, and now it's down to only $10 in a Steam mid-week sale.

Steam's sale marks the release of DNF's 'Hail to the Icons Parody Pack' downloadable content, which adds new maps, modes, and other gubbins to multiplayer for $10. If you're a member of Duke's First Access Club, you'll have a key to get the DLC for free, even if you haven't bought the original game yet.

Head on over to Steam to buy Duke Nukem Forever for $10. The deal will run until 6pm Pacific on Thursday.