Gran Turismo 5 DLC packs announced

Hot on the heels of Gran Turismo 5's Spec 2.0 update, as teased, the first paid downloadable content is coming to Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3-exclusive racer next week. Priced between $2 and $8, or available together in a discounted bundle, the four packs will add new cars, paint colors, tracks, and more. $2 will get you 100 new paint colors, $3 adds 12 new helmets and suits to wear, and $5 buys the new SPA-Francorchamps track plus a neon kart track with two variants. Lastly, for $8 you can have 15 new cars, including the shiny Red Bull X2011 pictured above, tuned touring cars, and new karts. Or you can get the whole lot together for $12. The DLC packs will all be released on October 18. Head on over to the Gran Turismo 5 DLC page for more information, pictures, and whatnot. GT5's Spec 2.0 update launched yesterday, with heaps of changes including new cars, saving and resuming in endurance races, fixes, the DLC support necessary for these packs, and more.

The $5 Course Pack's new tracks