ECA forms virtual pro gaming chapter

Non-profit membership organization for gamers The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) announced the formation of a virtual pro gaming chapter. Professional gamer Dave "Walshy" Walsh, who has played extensively in Major League Gaming (MLG), will head up the chapter as its president. As a virtual chapter, membership is open to current and prospective ECA members anywhere across the US and Canada with an interest in eSports.

Walsh expressed his enthusiasm for the new chapter and said, "Like the other chapters across the U.S. and Canada, ours can get involved in areas in which our folks are passionate, really take advantage of the discounts that are more attractive to us, and weigh-in on policy areas that impact us, like the Anti-Streaming Bill."

ECA's chapters are intended to be a way to keep members connected, share career and educational opportunities, and enjoy group discounts and benefits with the organization's partners. The pro gaming chapter will be the second virtual chapter, joining the Second Life chapter founded in 2009. For more information, see the ECA's Chapters page.