New Ben & Dan Adventure 'probably' coming

Size Five Games (formerly Zombie Cow) scrapped a third title in its Dan & Ben comedy adventure game series in January, as the English indie felt it wouldn't bring anything new. However, after a weekend of brainstorming fueled by fizzy pop and whiskey, the dynamic duo now have the skeleton of a fresh new game that will "probably" see release: Son of Ben & Dan.

"RIGHT, so since Friday night we've polished off LOADS of beer and whiskey. #SOBAD looks good," Size Five head honcho Dan Marshall wrote in a weekend wrap-up on Sunday.

Plotting with co-conspirator and co-star Ben Ward, Marshall has already coded most of the game's puzzles, though there's no dialogue yet. It's intentionally a shorter affair than Ben There, Dan That! [pictured above] or Time Gentlemen, Please!, but longer than initially planned.

"Originally we were aiming for it to be fifteen minutes long, but it'll probably now be about an hour or so because we kept fucking adding things," Marshall said.

He also notes the pair have managed to avoid what made the cancelled Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican "disappointing and problematic."

"It felt like we were going over old, worn ground. Again and again. We've done all this. We've seen it all before," Marshall explained when that was canned. "It felt a little like making Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican would only wind up diminishing the impact and memory of the first two games, and no one wants that. Least of all us."

Back to SOBAD, Marshall writes, "Will we release it? Probably. I'm not sure how long it'll take, or how much time I've got to dedicate to it (The Swindle is my job, this is just for giggles for when that gets boring) and there's now a LOT to do."

For now, you can always go play the recently-released Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition.