Deadliest Warrior dev allegedly lied about Green Beret status

Pipeworks studio head Robert Daly's military credentials have come under scrutiny recently, after a group researched his records. Daly has been identifying himself as a former Green Beret, lending credence to a military expert guiding the Deadliest Warrior series. This led one former Master Sergeant to do some digging with official government agencies.

"We heard about Robert Daly just like we do all our Special Forces/ Green Beret frauds," Jeff Hinton told IndustryGamers. Hinton is a retired Master Sergeant of the US Army, former Green Beret, and owner of Professional Soldiers. He says the group sent for Daly's records via the Freedom of Information Act. "We requested his records from the NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) and USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command)."

According to Hinton, Daly's records show he was an imagery analyst, and USASOC (USA Special Operations Command) has no record of him. "The real Special Forces soldiers aka the 'Green Berets' take a very dim view when an individual uses our title and our reputation, a reputation we forged in blood, for personal or political gain," said Hinton.