Battlefield 3 PC beta gets 'Caspian Border' map

Battlefield 3 PC open beta players are in for a treat this weekend, as developer DICE has unlocked the map Caspian Border for everyone--but only on PC. While the beta's first map, Paris Metro, is a close-quarters affair, Caspian Border is a wide, open battlefield living up to the game's nickname of 'JetProne64.'

"After analyzing the data from our first round of closed Caspian Border tests, we have great news for participants in the Battlefield 3 PC Open Beta: the DICE team has decided to bring back Caspian Border for the beta's final weekend and conduct an open large scale test of the 64 player Caspian Border map," community manager Ian 'crash7801' Tornay explained yesterday.

DICE is only interested in testing 64-player server configurations, so only the PC beta is getting the 64-player map. On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the server player limit is 32.

Players have had cruel glimpses of Caspian Border in the beta before, hidden in plain sight on passworded servers, but it's now live for everyone. The open beta will end for all three platforms on October 10, ahead of Battlefield 3's October 25 launch.

Here's a trailer showing off Caspian Border, with its tanks, choppers, jets, and all:

BOOM video 10062