VVVVVV coming to Nintendo 3DS via eShop

Indie developer Terry Cavanagh's stonking gravity-flipping platformer VVVVVV is coming to Nintendo 3DS as an eShop download, publisher Nicalis has announced. It'll come with shiny 3D support and a smattering of new features and content. The 3DS VVVVVVersion boasts "full 3D awesomeness," which has been described as "subtle, but surprisingly nice" by indie dev Robert Meyer, who got to play it. It also has a real-time map on the second screen, new featured levels, and the promise of more content down the line.

The first 3DS screenshot

VVVVVV was originally released for PC in January 2010, and was later featured in the Humble Indie Bundle 3. There's no word on the price or release date yet. Nicalis is also working working on an eShop port of physics-based indie platformer NightSky, and a retail 3DS version of the much-loved Cave Story. If you're at the IndieCade festival in Los Angeles this weekend, Nicalis says you can have a go: "Just find Terry Cavanagh or [Nicalis head] Tyrone Rodriguez and ask them to play!" Terry's the delightful tall Irish chap who'll be politely informing very confused people that no, he is not Notch.