Ghost Recon Online video offers dev 'SitRep'

As a Ghost Recon fan, the announcement of Ghost Recon Online should have sent me into a spiral of joy. However, nary a murmur of excitement passed my lips. Could it be the game's free-to-play model, a business approach that I still have difficulty getting attached to?

A video diary for Ghost Recon Online has been released, featuring the team behind the game explaining what makes it unique. It answers a lot of my questions about the idea of a free-to-play game like Ghost Recon Online. The focus is team-play, which is something essential to success during Ghost missions.

It also looks pretty impressive in action. I have yet to sign up for the beta; however, seeing what the game has the potential to be has piqued my interest in ways I had expected it to when the game was first announced.

BOOM video 10717

With games like Firefall (you probably haven't heard of it) and Planetside 2 on the horizon as well, I'm feeling my apathy toward the industry's latest business-lovechild dissipating.