Eufloria dev says self-publishing on Xbox Live is 'prohibitive'

World of Goo developer Ron Carmel recently claimed that developers were losing interest in Xbox Live Arcade, citing difficulties working with Microsoft and its digital platform. Rudolf Kremers, designer of Eufloria, agrees, saying it would be "impossible" to publish on Xbox Live. "For Microsoft the cost would be prohibitive, as they had all sorts of mandatory features. Multiplayer and the like," Kremers explained. "And of course you have to use their QA..."

"The cost picture would be so prohibitive that self publishing would be impossible."

Kremers was contacted by all of the platform holders, after finding initial success with the Dyson prototype. However, publishers were seeking to buy the IP, something Kramers would never agree to do. The only option was to self-publish, something that Sony would help make possible due to its Pub Fund program. "One of the qualities of the pub fund is that it’s a viable avenue for micro teams like ourselves," Kremers told PSNStores. "Microsoft don’t have that anymore."

Sony recently announced a commitment of $20 million to secure PlayStation Network exclusives, like Eufloria, through its Pub Fund program. This will allow developers to self-publish, without having to give up their IP.

Kremers would have loved to put the game on Xbox, of course. But the options were limited. "They have XBLIG, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to revenue." Cthulu Saves the World developer Zeboyd Games recently lamented the fact, noting that one week of sales on Steam exceeded an entire year on Microsoft's indie platform.