Army Corps of Hell announced for PlayStation Vita

Square Enix is offering the opportunity to command a horde of 100 goblins on a romp across perdition in Army Corps of Hell, a PlayStation Vita exclusive announced today. Developed by Entersphere, it's due to rise some time in 2012.

You see, the King of Hell has been de-powered and banished, leaving the poor chap able to command only lowly goblins for his revenge. Your horde of 100 will include several classes with different abilities, and they can be can be customized and upgraded with scavenged equipment.

The Vita rear touch pad will be used to command goblins to play instruments, which can boost morale, heal troops, revive the King and such. Army Corps of Hell will also support ad-hoc multiplayer with up to four players, banding together to defeat tougher bosses and claim rare loot.

Sony's launching the PlayStation Vita handheld in early 2012 in Europe and North America, following a Japanese launch on December 17.

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