Original Max Payne devs offered feedback on Max Payne 3

Some fans have been nervous about Max Payne 3, the first iteration of the franchise to be developed outside of Remedy. Transferring development duties to Rockstar Games has resulted in a divisive new look for Max, and a change in locale that have many crying foul. But, what do the original developers think?

Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy, says that the new game has been "worth the wait." Adding, "now, getting near to release, it feels kind of welcoming an old friend."

Matias Myllyrinne, managing director of the studio, noted that "we've been friends with Rockstar for a very long time," and that although the team isn't directly working on the game, has provided some input on its development. "When they went about building Max Payne 3, they opened up the conversation," he told Gamespot. "They were kind enough to give us builds, and then ask for feedback. In that way, it's felt natural."

"There will be certain elements obviously that are familiar to Max Payne fans," Myllyrinne added. Recently, Rockstar Games confirmed that Max Payne 3 would feature comic book-like cinematic cutscenes and will feature "enough rain-sodden, pitch-dark nights in the game to satisfy the most ardent fan of dark and wet locations."

Max Payne 3 is due in March.